As part of the Accelerated degree program (BA/MA), RUC undergraduate students can take up to three courses for graduate credit, at the undergraduate tuition rate, prior to full admittance to the MAT Program.

Accelerated students are eligible for MAT courses only in a fall or spring semester.

If you are currently taking courses, those course credits will not “count” towards completed credits until grades are posted after the semester ends. See an MAT advisor for specific details and permission to register for courses.

Undergraduate with 75-89 completed credits

GPA 3.0 or higher – Can take 1 education course

GPA 2.99 or lower- Cannot take education courses

Undergraduate with 90 + completed credits

GPA 3.0 or higher – Can take up to 3 classes; *No more than 2 classes in a single semester 

GPA 2.99 or lower- Can take 1 class; If you receive a B or better in education class, you can take up to 2 more prior to graduation.

How do I learn more about or register for a MAT class? First, make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss your elective options and taking a graduate level course. Second, after meeting with your Academic Advisor, make an appointment with the MAT to review requirements.

What courses am I eligible to take as part of the MAT Accelerated Program? *Up to 3 of the 5 courses listed here can be taken as part of the Accelerated Program

  • Psych Foundations of Learning (3 cr)
  • Exceptionalities (3 cr)
  • Managing Student Behaviors (3 cr)
  • Teaching Methods I (3 cr)
  • The Early Childhood Environment (3 cr) *ONLY for P3 candidates