Students accepted into the Accelerated BA/MAT program are eligible to take up to three or four courses for graduate credit, at the undergraduate tuition rate, prior to full admittance to the Graduate MAT Program.

MAT Concentration options:  

Early Childhood / Elementary Concentration 

Up to 3 MAT courses 

Secondary Concentration 

Up to 3 MAT courses 

Early Childhood / Elementary Concentration & Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certificate 

Up to 4 MAT courses * 

Secondary Concentration & Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certificate 

Up to 4 MAT courses * 

An undergraduate student will be allowed a fourth class if pursuing a Concentration and TOSD Certificate, but the course will not be applied until the student’s final semester of the MAT Graduate Degree Program.  

  • Graduate level MAT courses can be applied towards the 120 credits required for the undergraduate degree and may also count toward the MAT graduate degree if accepted into the MAT Graduate Degree Program. 
  • For MAT courses to count for graduate credit, a student must complete the additional BA/MAT Accelerated paperwork as directed by the MAT program.  
  • Only grades of C or higher are accepted for graduate credit. A failing grade in a MAT course will result in termination from the MAT Accelerated Degree Program and you will not be considered for admittance into the MAT Graduate Degree Program. 
  • MAT courses can only be taken in the student’s junior and senior year and only in the fall or spring semesters at the undergraduate rate.  

Eligible courses (up to 3) for BA/MAT Accelerated Program students: 

  • Psychological Foundations of Learning (3 credits) 
  • Exceptionalities (3 credits) 
  • Managing Student Behaviors (3 credits) 
  • Fundamentals of Education (3 credits) (* additional 50-hour field experience requirement)
  • The Early Childhood Environment (3 credits) (only for Early Childhood/ Elementary candidates) 

Additional Course for BA/MAT Accelerated Program students also pursuing the Teacher of Students with Disabilities certificate: 

  • The Special Education Process 
GPA 3.0 or higher Undergraduate with 70+ completed* credits can take up to 3 or 4 courses total. *One class per semester; two classes with special permission and at least 90 earned credits
GPA 2.99 or lower Undergraduate with 90+ completed* credits can take1 course. If student receives a B or higher in education course, may be eligible to take up to 2 more. 

* Courses in which students are currently enrolled will not “count” towards completed credits until all grades are posted after the semester ends. 

To be admitted officially to the MAT Graduate Degree Program, a student must submit a graduate application to the Graduate School at Rutgers University – Camden via RUC Graduate Admissions.  

MAT Graduate Degree Program admission requirements:  

  • Bachelor’s degree awarded prior to or in the current semester (3.0 GPA in bachelor’s degree or higher. * If a student does not meet the 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA requirement, contact an MAT advisor for more information).  
  • Two letters of recommendation                  
  • Personal statement 

Additional clinical practice requirements due by February 1 (prior to the start of Fall Clinical Practice):  

  • NJ DOE approved basic skills assessment – Praxis CORE or equivalent  
  • Praxis II in desired licensure area   
  • Current NJ Substitute license         
  • OPI for World Language Candidates

MAT Graduate Degree Program Policies to Note

  • A student must complete all clinical practice requirements in order to complete the MAT Graduate Degree program.  
  • An active student must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA or higher by Program completion in order to graduate or file for state licensure.  

Clinical Experience and Practice Information:  

Clinical Practice Application Due Methods I/ Clinical Experience Clinical Practice I Clinical Practice II (student teaching)
February 1 = or > 50 hours

Fall Semester; = or > 175 hours

Spring Semester; Full Time Placement
  • A student must submit a complete, accurate clinical practice application to the MAT office no later than February 1 of the same year as the start of clinical practice. See an MAT advisor for the clinical practice application.
  • With or prior to the submission of the clinical practice application, a student must provide required documents to the MAT office: Praxis Core or equivalent, Praxis II in declared concentration area, and a current, valid New Jersey Substitute Teaching License. These requirements are subject to change.
  • Clinical Experience/ Fundamentals of Education: A student must complete a total of 50 hours of classroom experience in at least two or more classrooms. In the 50 hours, a student must complete at least 5 hours with general education students and at least 5 hours with special education students (students with IEPs). Hours must be completed prior to Clinical Practice I and as determined by the MAT Program.
  • Clinical Practice I: After approval of clinical practice application and requirements, a student must complete a minimum of 175 in the designated fall semester in an assigned classroom. In consultation with the appointed cooperating teacher, the student will devise a plan to complete the hours by observing the arrival and departure times of the school and cooperating teacher on agreed upon days.
  • Clinical Practice II: Upon successful completion of Clinical Practice I, a student will continue placement in the assigned classroom for the designated spring semester. Clinical Practice II is a full-time experience, and a student is expected to be there all day, every day for the duration of the placement assignment and participate in all professional activities throughout the school day and over the course of the semester.
  • The MAT determines all field placements.

How do I learn more about or register for a MAT class? First, make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss your elective options and taking a graduate level course. Second, after meeting with your Academic Advisor, make an appointment with the MAT to review requirements.