• What are the MAT Admission Requirements? We encourage all candidates to complete admission requirements as soon as possible. See MAT advisors for more information.
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • 3.0 GPA in Bachelor’s degree or higher degree
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Personal statement
    • For Special Education candidates only, proof of current teaching license
  • When is the Clinical Practice Application Deadline? Students must apply for Clinical Practice in addition to their Graduate Application. Clinical Practicum applications are due by February 1 in order to begin Clinical Practice courses in September (Fall semester).  See MAT advisor for application. Additional requirements for Clinical Practice Deadline are:
    • NJ DOE approved basic skills assessment – Praxis Core or Equivalent
    • Praxis II in desired licensure area
    • Current NJ Substitute license
    • OPI for World Language candidates ONLY
  • How do I register for Praxis exams? Praxis tests are administered by ETS, Educational Testing Services. More information about the Praxis exams can be found at the ETS website, www.ets.org. Students are encouraged to take the Praxis tests as soon as they are sure that they would like to apply to the Program. The test scores are good for 5 years. Feel free to consult a Program staff member before registering for a test, and to verify current requirements.
  • How do I officially apply to the MAT Program? Students must apply via the Graduate and Professional Admissions Office
  • Can I take MAT courses before I earn my Bachelor’s degree? As part of the Accelerated degree program (BA/MA), RUC undergraduate students can take up to three courses for graduate credit, at the undergraduate tuition rate, prior to full admittance to the MAT Program. Accelerated students are eligible for MAT courses only in a fall or spring semester. If you are currently taking courses, those course credits will not “count” towards completed credits until grades are posted after the semester ends. See an MAT advisor for specific details and permission to register for courses.

Undergraduate with 75-89 completed credits

GPA 3.0 or higher – Can take 1 education course

GPA 2.99 or lower- Cannot take education courses

Undergraduate with 90 + completed credits

GPA 3.0 or higher – Can take up to 3 classes; *No more than 2 classes in a semester 

GPA 2.99 or lower- Can take 1 class; If you receive a B or better in education class, you can take up to 2 more prior to graduation

  • Can I apply for Clinical Practice and the MAT program before I officially graduate? If you want to apply for the upcoming fall and spring clinical practice semesters and are still completing your undergraduate degree, you have to apply to the Program and meet all the Clinical Practice requirements no later than February 1, ahead of the anticipated clinical practice semesters. Additionally, you must officially graduate and have your Bachelor’s degree awarded prior to or in the current spring semester. 
  • What is the edTPA performance assessment? Candidates seeking an initial certificate of eligibility with advanced standing must pass the NJ DOE Commissioner-approved performance assessment prior to earning certification.